Friday, July 30, 2010

my new song

i'm writing a new song which is edited by my GIS-Lum Huey Shan. This is my 1st time to write the english song and the title, so far i put it "release stress song".It just the temporary. Sounds GREAT!

social complexities
more than just a trap
so i'm gonna rap
this human trait

results too bad
i feel so sad
make mum get mad
slap from my dad

work every day
boss gives me stress
wish to buy dress
not enough cash

rushing everyday
no time to rest
nobody cares
so what can i say?

see this? we call this "fact"
everyone lives under stress
sighing and shaking our head
how are we gonna release the stress?

chorus:follow me
let's go party
dance with your body
come drink brandy
or a vodka or a whisky

get away stress
you can't do that
i'm not your maid
it's not fair

taking a deep breath
drink my hot latte
and now my mind's all fresh
this I call relax

let's come and say
i'm not so bad
i have my way
to do the best
=The End=
Don't ask me why i'm writing this because we all know we have the same problem and feeling.^^..enjoy yourself..:)