Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crazy way to edit my blog with Magdalene

I’m having a great afternoon with Magdalene. We delve how to design and setting my blog. But are you wonder how we can do this together since she is in KL but I’m in Miri? Haha, don’t you know in the world still have 1 communication technology called as “MSN”? We discuss and delve through MSN..XD

First of all, Magdalene taught me how to add the link in the blog….but, I’m computer idiot, I do not know how to add the link even add a gadget too…so, Mag had her way, you know what had she done? She’s using the snipping tool, cut and paste, and wrote the steps to add the link,then sent it to me. You know, the first time when I saw the picture she sent to me through MSN, my face turn to-> =. =.....because it’s cute, it makes me laughed too….^^

                                       See, this is the “art” from Mag….isn’t cute?

She said doing like this can make me understand what she taught comparing typing the steps without any pictures….ok, fine=.=….it really make me more understand…=)

So, I followed the steps as what Mag taught to me. (Until now I still can’t bear to laugh what Mag done to this picture, too funny, sorry Mag) …fill fill fill, fill in the blank, it takes 10 minutes to finish my first link…Hooray, I did it!!! I guess Mag was using the tissues to wipe away her sweat that time.
After finished this, I’m asking her about the “chat room” (because she write “chat room” as her title of Cbox.)….ok, it looks like more complicated compare to before…first, I click Cbox from her blog, and it appears the website. I have to sign up first, so I just signed up>.<… the problem were coming… I have to fill my name as my account name. So, I put it “turtle522”, it’s invalid =(…never mind, try again, wtf, still invalid!!!!! I’m asking Mag helps me to think it….she gave me a lot suggestion like: turtlefreak, turtle520, even estherfreak…=. = (Am I look like a freak?)…whatever, but it still invalid!!! Oh man, we tried a several time already…while thinking what else can I use, suddenly Mag suggest “cornzaifreak”…. =. =llll(sudden feels that actually freak quite suitable to me.) so, I typed “cornzaifreak”…..if it appear invalid again, I going to punch my bro’s head(since he just sat beside me only.) wait…., oh yes!!!Finally valid!!!Oh yeah oh yeah, cornzaifreak is my account’s name of Cbox….ok, next,

What the…..@£$$%^&, need to fill the form again?!?it’s ok, sup sup water…just fill in only….after I clicked “apply”, nothing happen….Mag asked me to find HTML, huh???, where is it? Another stupid thing we made again…Mag’s asking me using snipping tool, cut and paste, and sent to her….ok, just followed what Mag saying only.. Don’t ask too much...shhhhhh….cut, paste and sent…..

                                                     My “art”……nothing special….

Mag’s asking me to click PUBLISH….ok, just clicked….wah, what is this???Mag is asking me what were appears in the screen…I only understand code, so just told her there are code and some useless information…THAT ‘S!!!!These are what Mag wrote to me in MSN….copy the code and go to my blog’s dashboard… haiz, clicked” add a gadget” again…but this time must click “HTML”, and pasting the code in the text…and the title, actually I put it as “left your footprints here before you leave”, Mag said it too long, make it shorter….Mag said it can be “any footprints for me?”…what a good title…I LIKE it so much…simple but meaningful too…haha, ON! Use this!

After save it, I just realize that I do not know how to use Cbox….haiz, too bad…..need to ask Mag again….she really have the patience to teach me how to use Cbox, thanks, Mag..You helped me a lot…Finally, I know how to use Cbox….then, just realize that it’s already 5pm++…..What the!!!I’m making these 2 things with a whole afternoon and Mag accompanied me a whole afternoon too?!?I felt so guilty to Mag….sorry, Mag, crazy with me a whole afternoon….but I really enjoyed the time with you that time even though we can’t meet the each other….delayed, delayed until 5.45pm…..oh gosh, tonight need go to NS fellowship….I still online at here!!! Haiz, no idea, who tells me that I’m computer idiot….haiz…

(I wrote this post on thursday's evening,but i post this blog on satutrday's afternoon because i'm quite busy with these 2 days.=))

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