Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the second exam day and today

haha,the 1st day of exam is strategy management subject but then i didn't pay much attention on this subject because i have not doing the revision before day and i woke up very late the second day until i really have no much time to do revision,i just take a look for my note.That's it!Now i know why the smart students can get the excellent result since they always say they did not do the revision hardly.The reason is paying more than 100% attention in the class is enough.I just wrote the answer that i remembered what the lecturer taught in the class...Thanks,Mr.John Sammy make me attracting to your classes.

Well,i finish my exam in 30 minutes.It really fast,right?i can't believe with myself with this record.Oh,Gosh,i never have such this confidence before.Staying around 1 hours and more at admin office,i have no idea why i'm staying there,waiting friends?perhaps.After that,i bought some snack and soft drink for that night BBQ.I been invited by Jeak to go to her house for gathering. She is my junior and we all do love her so much because she is cute,everyone treats her like the princess.Back to topic, i went to her house around 6pm,because i were taking afternoon nap.That day,i was totally forgot about my exam.Absolutely!i played, i chatted,even stayed over night.One of my weaknesses is i do not know how to reject people.I admit that.

haha,that night,we all played with some crazy action and thinking.i found that we have an awesome imagination.Absolutely!And,we played the dancing street with PS2.Basically such this game only can be found in arcade but jeak got it.Boys and girls played crazy that night,and me,do really forget my exam,genius.After that,i went to jeak's room,and....her room is just like what the movie shown especially in the beginning,the scene show a person sleeping in the room and the room looking imagine it because i not gonna to describe it.

and that was my day until the second day afternoon,i back home.i thought i will study my moral but it is opposite.But i didn't.Oh my gosh i can't believe i slept again!!until 5pm,i woke up and study my moral.Guess what happen?i did my best to do my revision already.Seriously.within 1 hours more,i study it as i can.well,i only can say that,that night exam,i only have 50%confidence of it.Maybe i nervous,i forget some information and lost some marks.The objective part i really used M16 tembak for some question.I can't blame anyone because it's all my fault,i didn't study hard,focusing myself and concentrate it.My sixth sense tell me that i can pass my exam but then my grade point 4 is definitely lose.Never mind,accepted,as long as i not going to fail it.

haha,i really tired that night until in the exam i can't focused it,blank on my mind.After home,i rest for a while. And today,i repeated my problem again,never study until a few hours before the exam.Oh no,i not going to do this again,I can't lost my grade point 4 again,my scholarship!!!please,Esther,i beg you,study now!

Monday, November 21, 2011

the day before exam

well,as you know tomorrow is my final exam
nope,it should be today already cause it is 1.13Am now~
and the below is my schedule of doing revision

10.12Pm-got mood to get my note from my bag
10.15pm-throw it on the bed and continue with my laptop
11.00pm-discuss with friend about jailbreak because i totally have no idea what is that~
11.46pm-Magdalene commented on my status and we are starting to chat in fb.

12.00am-still chatting with Magdalene but finally 'm doing some things for revision
12.30-don't know what am i writing about in my note,just simply wrote something i can understand
1.00am-finally i done my revision with just copying the point to my note.
1.05am-Magdalene stopped to comment on my status.i guess she is sleeping,good night,Mag.
1.08am-read the note that i wrote just now,i feel so proud with myself,knowing nothing.
1.10am-Argh,stop to do my revision.SLEEP,to be continued in the morning.
1.13am-suddenly wanted to update my blog,so came up updated until now
1.24am-perhaps i should stop my day with this full-stop?GOOD NIGHT.<---full-stop here

i feel so proud with myself,genius here because in this few hours,i know nothing and can't concentrate on i going to show my genius talent in the exam or bringing the dice,throw it for the answer or going to take M16 from Army and tembak the answer?what a pity bullet.LOL

Saturday, November 19, 2011







Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kau Melodi yang indah

My last CF in the school today

I appreciate it very much

i did enjoy my time in CF

this was my ideal fellowship in my heart

why WAS?

after today,i won't join it anymore

this is my last semester in my school

and next year gonna study in University

OK,out of topic

come back now...

i would like to say thank you to all of you

especially the leader and the committee

although we are not perfect

In God's sight,we are the perfect one

because we have the heart of worship!

In Jesus Christ,we are the same

every time playing the game

the student,the staff,CEO,the lecturers even the pastors

will join us together

we worship,we played,we shared

all in this together..

i feel so touched because God let me see this that

everyone is the same in His eyes

try to put down all the burden and feel the world

God's creation


God understand me

feel my sadness and my disappointment

He did a pretty good planning to me

Some of my friends

some lost in contact around 3 years

some lost in contact 2 years

and i found their news recently

and some of them send me a message

or contact me

i feel so warm

what is this called?

the warmth of friendship,right?

thank you for everything in this

suddenly my tears dropped off

Of course,my convocation is coming soon

and here i would like to say some thank you

thank you to my course mate

for helping me in assignment,presentation even the final exam

help me do the revision

i appreciate very very much

and the lecturers and seniors

specially thanks to Mdm.JC for teaching us a lot syllabus

thank you to Mr.Awang for always help us and interacted with us as the friend's side

thank you to Miss Wong Ping Ping for treat us as her friends more than her students

thank you to Mr.John Sammy for making the class became more exciting and easy to understand

thank you to my seniors-Mei Ching and Pei Pei for always protecting us when we get the unfair treats

and,i personally thanks to my best course mate and friend- Nikki and Yin Ming

thank you for accompanied when i'm sad when i'm cried

thank you for always make me laughed in the class and played the game

i miss the time we made cupcakes

i miss the time we played Left For Dead in CC

i miss it so much...

thank you you alls

without you guys

i can't imagine how my life's goes on

it such a wonderful memory in this 2 years

after the convocation,we gonna separate

i don't know what's you plan in future

but i gonna continue my studies on June next year in University Heriot Watt

anyway,regards my blessing and wishes

all the best,continue to strive your dream and fight for your future

lastly,play this song with my sincerely heart

why i choose this song?

listen to the lyric,it describe all my words in my heart

this is one of the songs in my NS video

the song i had sing in 1 performance

the song i ever recorded in studio with MV

It is meaningful song to me

and now,i would like to share it with my course mate

all the best


Esther Lim

Your course mate forever