Sunday, March 11, 2012

well well

well well,i kinda busy recently....but i promise i will keep updating my blog if i have time...since now i have 30 minutes free (later need to go out,again)..aiyo,just come up write something lo....

To describe my life,what i only can say is bussssssssssssy but wonderful!!!
how to say?what a long story to tell..well,wait i really have some time,i will update my blog with my life story,one by one...

In this 2 or 3 months,there could happen a lot of things,so here am i....sad,happy,angry,frustrated,moody (actually i called it "emo"),a lot of feelings,but i never give up,nor i evade it.I'm glad that when i was down, there are some of my friends just besides me(even the friends study outside also giving me some warmth through the messages or phone calls or internet chat tool,etc).they comfort me,gave me a hug or anything that can do for me).

wait wait,i rush of time now...just wait me update my blog next time.i can't write a lot from here.....bye and i love those who really loves me and care me..*hugggggggggs*