Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not stress but motivation

Well,I have to say that.........
Arghhhh,so many things to dooooo
But it's ok,I still can manage
If not like that,I won't ever know my capacity
It's such a great experience for me to train my character
Voon Hui's right,I shouldn't continue to stay in my comfortable zone
Or else I can't learn to be independent
I have to be strong.

Over this 2 week,I'll be busy due to youth day,music camp and so on.
After 29/04/2012,I can have some rest,but Starting on May,I will start my busy days like a boss until on Aug or Sept.So,about my studies,neither delay it nor choosing the local university.I have no choice.sad case.

To manage all my schedule,activities,I don't feel any stress because I never let the stress to conquer me.Never. Yep,sometimes I might be negative,or ,moody but I never surrendered to the stress.I treat it as my motivation.Why?It can train me to become the best,of myself.
Instead using stress,the negative adjective,I rather use motivation,the positive word to describe.

Aha,by the way,this is my 1st time using the phone to update my blog.I know there have some
mistakes,because I can't see the whole page of the blog,and sometime the phone will auto
change my words and the meaning.So,apologize if offense your feeling truly sorry.

Lastly,I know and I can feel who really cares for me,loves me,I love you guys too.

Anyway,have a nice day to those who concerns me.hehe