Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Call me Queenyo

Hi,ya,it's me....

I'm back with  a new name,Queenyo, it's my online pseudonym obviously.

Ok,now,let me explain why am i choosing "Queenyo" as my pseudonym.

First,my real name is so ordinary and I pretty sure there are a lots people(they could be the little girl, or a pretty lady,or a woman even your mother or your grandma.) named "Esther", am i right? So,if you don't know who am i, will you remember my name after reading my blog? Or,if I'm using "Queenyo" to write the blog and you read it,will it much more better?Perhaps you forget what am I writing about but at least you remember my name,right?

Next, why "Queenyo"?

A nice little story behind the name:

Once upon time....

Wait wait, is just a few week ago event,Ok?

Oh ya,Ok, one more time.

Few weeks ago, there is a girl who called Kingyo , I don't know who is she, she came in my life and makes my life awesome in a sudden. She is an author, she have a power, a mystery magic power to make me to enter her life through the blogs she wrote unwittingly. What's the power? What's the power makes me being so unconsciously to enter her life?

Kingyo Shan,Kingyo Shan, sounds familiar, do i met you before?do i know you? Argh, i can't remember all of this. Do you know me?who are you? Kingyo Shan.....Argh, I see a scene ,I see a scene, I SEE A SCENE!! Is that you?Is that you,Kingyo Shan?

5 minutes later,calm down....

I saw her,a girl,she looks so hesitate and hover,she seems like need someone's help, i saw a lot people surround her but no one could give her a hand. what happen? she is fretful,i could see her helpless in her eyes. is KINGYO SHAN!What happen to her?Can anyone tell me?unfortunately,they can't see me. I'm invisible. Thus, i saw another girl, is me!!why I am there? I saw I took out a key,is my key!!my locker key!! Wait wait,what the hell I'm doing? I used my key to to to...?!?the locker door was opened!!

Oh My Gosh, Is she...I remember who is she!!Kingyo Shan..

---------The End--------

Haha, Kingyo is an author. Queenyo is a composer but Queenyo learn to write an article or a little story. so,how?Kingyo,how is my little story?Not bad gua...

I neither am a professional author nor a good writer; I neither have an amazing imagination nor a good literacy, but I'm trying. so give me some time to make myself being a good author, Can?So just wait my next blog about my interesting life story.

lastly,promoting Kingyo's blog,I'm sure you will enjoy to read her blog because she is an awesome author=)