Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Learning,never say old

Some people always saying:I wanna learn this,learn that badly,

But then when asking them go to learn or join it ,they are probably will say:

Aiya,don't fool me lah,I'm old,what do you expect I can learning how fast and well as I can.

When I get this answer, I answered it in my heart: Old? Are you 70 or 80 years old?

People!! You shouldn't have this answer in your life.NEVER!! I saw Auntie or Uncle learn to drive the car at learning center, they have no any complaint or comments, so,there are no excuses for you to say that:

Aiya,don't fool me lah,I'm old,what do you expect I can learning how fast and well as I can.

I don't know how to play piano,but I try hard. I'm 21st years old,but I never saying this

Aiya,don't fool me lah,I'm old,what do you expect I can learning how fast and well as I can.

I learn, I research,do anything to improve my skills.

The reason is just so simple....

Learning, is doesn't matter of the ages, is about your heart.

Never say old to yourself, or else you get nothing.

The above blog actually is writing to myself,because some time I will get the weird opinion in my mind.
Like this:

Aiya,don't fool me lah,I'm old,what do you expect I can learning how fast and well as I can.


Someone has ask me how to learn the piano in youtube.
Nah,mandarin one. This is a very useful video clip for your 1st learning.All the best~
(I think you will understand gua=.=)


Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm awesome and I know it

As you know(if you had read my previous post),I love music so so much,it such my 3rd oxygen in my life(my 2nd oxygen is my religion),I can't love without it. At the same time(If you had read my previous post carefully,LOL),I'm a composer but I have to say that I am not so professional as I don'y have the higher certificate to support my music knowledge.

AT LEAST, I know something about music as well.

Few days ago, I do it all alone, can you imagine that?

I composed.

Writing the lyric.

Making the sound recording.

And singing.

Of course, this is not the actual situation. Just something similar with the above pictures.

Ok, let me tell you what ins-pirates me always in composing. Sometimes, some rhythm or tempo or beats could just give me the inspiration. How to say...Hmmm,I give the simple example.

Let say 4 beats tempo. 1,2,3,4 in a bar..that's easy,right?Ok,we add in some pattern of this.

1&2&3&4& in a bar. Means there are 8 notes in a bar. we could make it more interesting!

Have you play drums? do you know the sounds of drum? The bass sound is "Dun" or"Tun"(I don't know how to pronoun the sound,hehe),the snare sound is "Tak".

"Dun" or bass sound basically in 1st beat &3rd beat while "Tak" or the snare sound always at the 2nd or 4th sound.

The very basic drum beats is "Dun", "Tak", "Dun Dun","Tak" with Hi-hats.

Ok,now if you wish to play the rock or quite "high","fast" or jazz music,you may try this pattern:

"Dun Dun","Tak Tak","Dun Dun","Tak"..."Dun Dun", "Tak Tak","Dun Dun",Tak", "Dun Dun","Tak","Dun","Tak Tak Tak". Such this beats pattern always ins-pirates me in composing.

Ok, if you don't understand the above,there are another way you may try it and it is much easy and simple than above.

Using this

Those who studying music,I pretty sure you know what is this. Aren't? This is a very useful tool for making the music,the coordination or the arrangement of the music. So if you really really really want to compose the song to your lover,to your family,to your friends, but you do not know what to do,you may try this.

Haha,back to topic,yep,I'm making something I never try and I never make it before,but i really did it.

I do it all alone!!

Clap your hand,please!!*clap clap clap*

I composed and wrote the lyric(but in fact,I had asked people to make change to my lyric since I don't have a good literacy,haiz,big sad*crying*),and I made the coordination and the arrangement, thus doing the sound recording and...the most difficult part--

I'm singing.

I had tried my to sing over and over again.(I'm perfectionist bah.)
And finally,I did it.

(Once again,clap your hand).

Yep,that's why I said

I'm awesome and I know it..

Queenyo in the house!

please don't envy on me.Jokes.