Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Serious Unlucky day

Compare with yesterday's event,it is so obvious that today was more unlucky than yesterday.Just read my below blog and you'll find it!

It was a lovely afternoon,and it was the time to take the lunch. Still,sunny. After around 20 minutes, it's raining but not so heavy. who knows,after that,it turns to heavy rain with some thunder sound,non-stop thunder.So we moved our place inside the cafe because the rain became heavy slowly.We just moved inside the cafe not more than 5 minutes,and there was a horrible,scary,strong thunder sound with the strong lighting happen,just hit behind us only.Oh my gosh,I can feel the power of that bloody lighting,it's powerful and strong.It was a place we sat before we moved inside. Oh my gosh,I can't imagine if we were still sit there,what will happen.Man,until now I still can't imagine what will happen if we didn't moved on.There were around 8 people altogether having lunch! And this is the 2nd time I meet the death in my life.TWICE!

So we decided to back to the office early because I don't know what will happen again if we all still there.Seriously, a big rainstorm in Miri today.Back to the office not more than 10 minutes,I had to out again because there was a training at the center,we gotta went there.Bloody hell,this was the most horrible heavy rain in my life,even the wind can blew the big trees down,destroy the ceiling of the building,destroy electricity polls, and roof,imagine how strong the power of the wind that time.The whole street and high way quite messy.And me,wanted to get inside the car,who knows I so shuai ,the advertisement banner suddenly been destroy by the bloody wind,and the banner iron hit my back side which is my shoulder until my neck there.seriously,I really wish to spread some vulgar to describe how pain am I.

Because my neck been hit by the banner iron,I have some feeling unwell which are getting the headache,dizzy,disgust,vomit and so on. I had been suspected my brain, lack of oxygen. and there is a wound at my back especially my shoulder,an obvious wound like batang shape.

Anyway,I should be grateful because I still alive. Aren't?My brain can't function properly now because I still in the nervous situation.Maybe,I need some counselling,LOL

the link about after the Big rainstorm and thunderstorm in Miri,sighing...

~Miracle,happen again~

Monday, October 29, 2012

Little fun in this unlucky day

Today,there was a little fun in the office hour,happened after the lunch. No water provided in the company as LAKU( Government company,I bet) need to make some maintenance to the broken pipe.Aha~~great great.

Almost 95% of our staff wanted to go to the toilet,unfortunately,the toilet don't have much water to flush .Me too. people wanted to go to piss,to go pangsai,yet don't know need to go where else since our company toilet cannot be used. Mati lor, suddenly stomachache, feels like #^%*+¥£€<,bla bla bla....I thought maybe after half an hour all will be normal but I was wrong,no any miracle happen neither my wish came true. Still,no water. Even wished to wash my hand I have to use my own.own water.Really #%€£<*¥!

Nevermind,I bear,I tahan! The most funny one is when I went to account department to pass my documents and I found something wrong and feeling not good at all. How come most of my colleague's face look so serious?even my friend,she looked at me with her bloody red cute face. what the **** wrong with her? Suddenly,a colleague asked me that"the toilet can flush already Kah?",oh my....pity boys and girls,you all also tahan ya. I can't control myself to laugh loudly when I looked at my friend's expression,because....because....it is too funny!!seriously,I can't stop myself to laugh with another one of my friend,just feel so lucky we didn't drink "Liang teh" during lunch,or else we might often went to that bloody public toilet too,LOL.

There is a public toilet nearby my company,my marketing colleague cannot tahan  until she just took 1 roll toilet paper and direct went to the public toilet with paying 20 cents,oh my gosh,5 minutes journey to go there. Funny scene.many colleague went there,I sure the CEO of the public toilet sure happy because he earned at least double even triple times coins than normal day.

And me,insisted wait until back home because I not really want "to make my business" in the public toilet,I rather bear until finish work and back home. Guess what happened? Constipation,bloody hell!

Lol lol lol,I still can't stop myself to laugh when im thinking back to the whole scene,we bear off in the office almost in 4 hours.can you bear not to go to the toilet within 4 hours?i pretty sure you can't !hahahaha

~everydays a bonus ~