Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tend to change

As you know, I truly dislike my current looks and image. Especially my hair. Before this, I am no really care about these because I always thought that people won't mind on your looks but your heart and your attitude. Unfortunately , after I finished my diploma and started to work,this mind-setting in my life was totally change. Maybe, affected by my colleagues because they always laugh at me even though I know they are just kidding. In the beginning, I am not really care about this. But,seriously,time could change the anything that seems like cannot be changed,ANYTHING! No jokes!

In fact,is not because of them lar. Sometime I had noticed my old friends status, they changed a lot. At least, they dye their hair. THEY DYE THEIR HAIR!! And now,my hair is long and mess and I am looks like an ordinary human who has a lot miserable stuffs happen in the life. Oh,another word, I can considered as crazy woman.therefore, the external factor like influence by friends and the internal factor-negative image, I would set a target for me,change my external image(because I always think my internal image is good enough,Perasan)

Firstly,since my hair is the main reason caused the "not really good image" in their impression,so change this first. But how? I don't even know what's the popular hair style in nowadays fashion.
I think twice and attentively ,maybe wave curly hair style would suit for me, I mean after straighten the hair and curl the tail hair. Of course,dye the hair at the same time, I want brown color, sounds cool and I think it looks cool too.

Secondly,change my cloth style, you would never know I am always wearing t-shirt with jean and people already bored to look at me in everyday. It is the time to change my taste,dare to be different mah,right? I want to change my style into lady's style ,like office lady style. With wearing the formal collar cloth and the formal pant, fitting the watch and the necklace,WoW, I can imagine how pretty  the matching of the cloth but I don't dare to imagine it on me myself body because I admit that I such not a nice look person,indeed, I am. I am fat and dark skin,lol(a description from my crazy friend)

Next is I always believe that I will have a nice looking if I am willing to do some exercises to keep my body fit, I always believe on this. So I would dare to try something I never try before which is choose the heavily exercises to change my body shape. Of course, I know, I got asthma so I promise I will be careful and ask a friend who knows some medical aids to stay with me,always. The most importance,control myself in eating. No more McD,Starbucks,KFC, and junks.

So this is my current thinking and planning. I wish after my exam, this feeling this planning or this desire still keep in my mind. And I want to see the result before the next year Chinese new year. Will it success? To be honest, I don't know but I hope it come true in one day. But now,I seriously need to focus on my studies, after 2 weeks,is my final exam yet I still study nothing,it is kinda sad actually, I don't wish I get fail but now I can't focus on the books. Oh~~~~