Sunday, March 24, 2013

old= alone=mature

Admit that, I AM OLD. All my energetic all gone.ALL GONE.

Hmmm,maybe giving some experience would be easy to understand why am I saying I AM OLD!

1. I feel I am young and joyful when seeing the teenagers so energetic and playful,but....... when asking me to join them,sorry,just forget it,I ain't young anymore,I AM 22 YEARS OLD!

2. When I wish to be young, I thought I really can be but I am wrong, even I am standing among the youths and looks like I am young~~Still, I am so "malas" to move on like them,because,I AM 22 YEARS OLD!

3. I like to be alone since few years ago,I have no idea to this. When I was young, my mom always complaint that I stayed outside more than home,joining camp more than washed my clothes at home, organised concert more than mopped my house's floor but now my mom complaint me always stay at home,don't wish to join some activities or what. LOL,my fault again??anyway,no idea why I want to be alone,maybe I AM 22 YEARS OLD?

4.Friends getting fewer and fewer because I know some of the friends cannot be trusted.Indeed,you never predict that some of the friends has motive to near you,when you mean nothing to them,they would stab behind you,so I rather has no friends and not going to share my stuffs to them because I don't know who can be trust. No idea why I has such this mind-thinking.maybe I AM 22 YEARS OLD? 

5. Don't you think that you has a lot freedom when you are alone? You can do anything you want like singing as loud as you can when you have mood to do something crazy. You can shout as loud as you can at the beach,no one knows you. You don't need to worry your friend's problem because you don't have friends,you can emo as you can because no one would "kepo" to concern you and bla bla bla......
Aha~~~such the negative mind-thinking,I have no idea about this,maybe because I AM 22 YEARS OLD?
who knows~~

Sometime I am young but sometimes I am old,so if you has face the similar situation as above,congratulation,you are become mature than yesterday,at the same time,it means that you are getting old already. Because you are unlike yesterday's you. Don't frustrate because it ain't your fault,is the situation giving you a changes. But it is a good things lar,at least one day when you are looking back your life through,you feel you were childish and kinda crazy in the past,you has no regret if you crazy your life in your past=)

"No offense,life need to be crazy"