Friday, November 15, 2013

A bull in KLIA

I think it's just happened on last month or last 2 month (Serious forgot already.)

Ok,the scenario was like this:

I booked the flight which departed at 10:40 am and supposed arrived at 11:40 am at KLIA, after that took a flight on 1:30pm from KLIA to Miri. Apparently, it's quite a perfect plan because I still can took my lunch at KLIA and bought some souvenirs meanwhile waiting for 1:30pm flight.

I am such a good planner.

But, I am not a good risk manager, I can't expect the accidence and risk which might be happen.

Who can expect the flights might be delayed???

I was waiting around 1 hour at the airport. Do you know my feeling in the airport for waiting that delayed airplane coming=.=? (I guess many people can understand the feeling,because it ain't first time happen)


Great. Finally,it's coming. and the passengers boarding. Somehow,I really hope the radio can skip to make the announcement about safety. It's took around 10 or 15 minutes(Does anyone count for the time?)


It's flying. I wonder can the plane landing at KLIA on time or not, the journey supposed took around 45m,means that we might arrive at 1:15pm. I was worrying about my luggage,KLIA is a very very big building, I afraid I have no enough time to take the luggage and do check in.

Well, my hypothesis was acceptable and my worries became the fact. We were arrived at 1:25pm.


Do you think I sempat take my luggage and check in since my next flight was on 1:30pm? I asked M** airline staff for the helps.

A lady and a man. They were so unwilling and impatient to answer my question. One of the malay lady even increased her volume and said: why you just don't straight check in twice at the last airport?so you don't need to do check in at here again (In fact,she was speaking Malay,but I translate into English ,the similar meaning)

and then I explained that I did not know can direct check in at other airport, and asked her politely: so what should I do now?

She seems like unwilling to take her schedule paper, impatient and rude to check where's my next flight gate, some more she glared on me for a few times like I am owning her a few million You knows,I have a good temper, I don't get angry easily and make argument face to face. But then this girl's attitude really make my temper to the max, obviously she was trying to challenge my patience and limits.

Sorry, I really rushed out of time and eager to go back to Miri. So...... I shouted on her : So is this my fault??if your flight did not delayed,do I still need to stand here ask for your helps and see how bad is your service??The Malay girl get stunned and apparently didn't expect I would complaint in publicly. So was I, I didn't expect I became so impatient like her. So I did not know what to do for the next. Maybe buy the next flight ticket. Maybe ask the compensation from  this airline, I don't know. Argh, I was confused and anxious that time. Luckily their another staff came to settle the problem. He checked the flight schedule and took his walkies-dockie.After that he talked to me, he already asked Miri flight counter staff wait for me, and asked me to make the luggage report when I reach Miri. So he asked me quickly to go to gate B. So I quickly ran to that gate door like a bull. I shoved, I pushed, I bumped,I langgar whenever like what bull will do when the matador trying to provoke the bull by using the red fabric.

Why KLIA so biiiiiiiggggggggg???????
I took around 10 minutes ran from gate A10 to gate B4.

FUYOU...Extreme tired and gasped. I took my phone and IC to him, asked him go to my mail get the boarding pass and scanned.

1:45pm. Finally, I'm on the plane but I feel so ashamed and malu because all the passengers waited for me. So I kept look on the floor until I get my seat. I can't calm down myself during the this time,I was worrying about my luggage, 3 luggage bag altogether.(Don't get surprised, 1 luggage for cloths, 1 luggage for foods and 1 luggage for souvenirs. 17.8kg in total,haha). I worried someone might took wrong or steal or  forever at KLIA,cannot come back to Miri anymore. All the negative imaginations popped out.

So I safely arrived Miri, and wanna pissed(didn't go for the toilet for a few hours),suddenly feels that Miri airport strict  than KLIA. Kastam counter staff checked every passengers one by one for a few minutes. I queued-up and waited half an hour. I straight away go to toilet first before I made the report. Luckily, the service of this airlines in Miri nicer than KLIA, they asked for the details and recorded down, informed KLIA,printed out the report(The procedures are exactly same as we made the police report when we lost something important). So he gave me the report and wait for the phone called. He will double checked and ask KL side staff to send back my luggage at the next flight from KL to Miri. Measn that my luggage are safe in KL.

So my mum waited me outside for a long time. Around 4:30pm I think. She so curious why I kosong tangan back to hometown. Lol, imagine that you brought 1 luggage traveling in the end you brought nothing back like a boss. some of my friends kept laughing at me.

Lol,it's my pleasure to make you laugh. Laugh la.

My learning in this lesson:

1.Do not book continuous flight within short period in case the flight delay,you can't get the next flight on time.

2. Cool down always when the accidence happen.

"I am a lucky bull"