Saturday, June 21, 2014

A millionaire who making Nasi Lemak

Well,it seen like a very long time for no updating my blog. Anyway,this time come back to write my blog is because I found something very interesting.

You know, I am practicing myself to read some articles to make some improvement of myself.

And ya, today I read something very interesting article so I gonna to share this with you all.

6 Uniquely Malaysian Food And Drinks That Have Taken Over The World 

Ok,here is this. If you have the patience to read it all, I bet you also found something very interesting in the article,as me.

You go to number 2 which is the part all about Nasi Lemak. Have you seen a few photos? Just notice the photo with the map. You can see our Nasi Lemak's price all over the world.

Have you see it? are you OMG? Yes,that is!! I found out the price of Nasi Lemak. Can you imagine it?RM 40++ for our Nasi Lemak!! Let's give our Nasi Lemak a clap!!

As the business student, I smell something "Kangtao" and MONEY! What if I operate Kopitiam at these country and sells Nasi Lemak? I pretty sure I could get rich after a year because we all know Nasi Lemak ain't expensive at all and easy making!

And who can imagine that this millionaire is making Nasi Lemak to get rich(Just imagine onlyXDXD)

From now,I want to learn how to make this 6 famous Malaysia foods in case It might be use in the future like what am I saying,operating a kopitiam, sell Teh Tarik, Satay, Roti Canai, White Coffee and most, my favorite - CHAR KWAY TIAO.The most difficult to make one.

Awwwwwww,I can't control myself to stop thinking about Char Kway Tiao. At the same time, I must admit that our Nasi Lemak is really qualified to be Top delicious Malaysia Food, also with the other 5 famous foods.Like what Malaysian like to say "Belum try belum tau, Sekali try tiap-tiap hari mau" (Never try never know,once you try everyday you want)

If you are not Malaysian, I suggest you can try our 6 famous foods if one day you traveling to Malaysia. Trust me, belum try belum tau,sekali try tiap-tiap hari mau. and I sure you will understand this quote in one day. Cheers~

For Malaysian, if you want to earn more money, you may consider to establish your business in other country, and I sure one day I can see you on the newspaper which titled "A millionaire who making Nasi Lemak" .Blessed!