Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saddest July in 2014

I believe this is the worst month in 2014. Or, it should be the worst year in my life. I declare July 2014 is the black month to whole world.  

It’s been pretty gruesome for the airline industry. Who can expect there are 3 plane crashes in a month?

First, Malaysia airline – MH17, was shot over Ukraine, eastern side on 17/07/2014, 298 passengers includes 80 children on board been killed. That day, whole world people heart-broken because the war killing them, without reasonable reason. This is ridiculous.

Then, Taiwan airline – GE222, crashed near the small Taiwanese island of Penghu in heavy rains, killing 48 people on board. This day, whole word people get shocked because MH 17 case still under investigation and this happen again. So part of the people started doubt, does flying still the safest modes of transportation on earth?

And the very next day, Algeria airlines – AH5017, with 116 on board crashed in Mali. This time, many people believe that flying isn’t safe anymore and declare this month is the black month in 2014, also, the black year in airline industry.

Include MH370, this year, claiming 700+ lives. This is the tragedy which the human can’t bear the pain especially we seeing through the photos.  Life is unpredictable and fragile. I can’t make sure whether I still have tomorrow or not, because I don’t know when will be my last day on earth. So do appreciate everyday and treasure your life because accidents happen every day.

Let’s us pray for them. Many blessed family been destroyed because the plane crash. May their souls rest in peace and pray for their family. This is the tough time for them to accept the death of their family members. They have to live without them, I can understand their feeling very well. It’s pain, heart-broken and need the time to heal. All I can only say is stay strong. They don’t need lots encourage words but the silent accompanies, hugs and praying. This is all we can do.

Hopefully, there is no more the tragedy happen and we live in peaceful world.