Friday, July 3, 2015

1 year later

 Ahahahahaha,my last post was a year ago,i don't know why am I so lazy comin' up to update my blog,perhaps I seldom use laptop surfing the internet. You know lar,nowadays technology so high tech and keep upgrading. I use smartphone more than laptop and I don't need laptop to do my assignment anymore,that's why my blog post still stuck in 2014 and I bet the next post probably in July 2016! LOL,I hope it won't be true,hope that I can often open my laptop and update my funny things.

Happen lots of happy things, no matter it's funny either it's sweet,those seriously giving me lots of laughs and unforgettable memories. Also,happen few sadness things too,losing friends,quarrels, misunderstand and so on. But the most saddest one is definitely lose the friends, life is unpredictable, we have no chance to say goodbye anymore. Got tons of topics and gossips we haven't finish and find the conclusion, got lots of foods we haven't try eat together and they were leaving,forever gone,and it's hard to accept. It's been a long day without them,hopefully they are now living happily in the heaven, until the day we meet.

Of course,this year many friends getting married. I'm very happy and enjoy their wedding. Most of them very kind to share their experience and happiness, those listening to them must be very sweet hear and wish one day they could have their own marriage too, so am I!

Hahaha,Ok lar,It's quite late now,I need go to sleep now even though it's Friday. I also need to plan my future how to go through.I wish I can achieve my dreams instead I live my day without any goals,my life is in black and white now and I don't wish my life to be continued like no day no light, It's meaningless. No points to live in this way too. True?Agree?

Good night!

Live my life meaningful