Saturday, November 19, 2016

My year in 2016

Hi,Its been a long time not coming' up to update my blog. Okay,today I'm gonna share about my feeling in this year.

To describe my year in 2016,I think I could describe my life in one word, "BLESSED"!Yep,I'm feeling blessed,my life was actually black and white in the beginning,boring,nothing special,everyday doing the same things until I meet some awesome friends in the end!And my life is full of colorfulness. Also, those lost in contact's friends now are coming in to my life again,and I get touched about this,I never expect we could keep in touch again after so many years, NEVER EXPECT,man!

There are only left not more than 50 days,Year 2017 is just around the corner,time flies?Nope,I don't think so. I wish TIME can be more fast a bit b'cause I got ton of dreams (not lots but tons,haha)to achieve and the most important, i don't want to work (Lame excuse,LOL) but at the same time,I hope the time can runs slow a bit,I want to enjoy my happy moments with my friends,my colleagues and ........Get enough time to find a boyfriend,ain't young anymore,should find a guy PAKTO and KAHWIN,LOL. My mum will kill me if she reads this,why simply find a guy and get married,shouldn't be like this~~

Okay,time to bed, Stop here and I wish the next blog won't be next year,but end of this year (any difference=.=?)haha,good night,guys. Gotta sleep now,tomorrow going to church~~


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